PT. IP Teknologi Komunikasi, a newly start-up company by the end of year 2002, and also known as IPTeK, is an IP Solution Provider for Information Technology and Telecommunication. It has received its Internet Service Provider (ISP) license from the government of Indonesia by March 2003.


Originally, the management has started a business of Information Technology Solution Provider under the name of PT. Emporindo Mediatama Sejahtera, which is also well known as EMS Computer System Integrator. It is a company that believes in reliable and economical solutions for the clients to build their information technology system as well as the network infrastructure to support it. Founded in 1996, EMS is an IT provider that originally focused in Computer Hardware, Software and Networking solutions. EMS is now specializing as System Integrator for Business Automation through Internet / Intranet Integration or called: e-Business Provider.
Entering a new Millennium with Internet economy era, many companies will face a global competitive market in the region. E-Business will become a common practice for most business nowadays to survive and succeed. We determined to take on this new challenge and transformed us of becoming an IP Solution Provider for e-Business with ways of providing other companies, the IP infrastructure to run their e-business. In other words, IPTeK will develop and deploy new IP-based infrastructure services quickly for them so that they can use and utilize these services to build their e-business platform.
With our long experience and proven expertise in the field, IPTek will provide ways of building secure reliable e-Business and Internet solution for our clients and help them to deploy e-business capabilities quickly and affordably for their business success. The Internet is linking one business to its customers and suppliers like never before, bringing down costs and increasing revenues. We believe by doing this, are becoming a mutual benefit partner for our clients, customers, vendors, as well as suppliers.

In addition, only a very few number of companies in Indonesia and one of them is IPTeK, are specialized in offering comprehensive networking and systems integration services to cable operators entering the high-speed Internet business. EZ.NET.ID, a newly commercialized Internet Service Provider owned by IPTeK, will offer in the near future a high-speed data backbone and caching infrastructure to distribute broadband Internet services and applications to affiliate cable operator systems. IPTeK has arranged a broadband Internet service through its partnership with Cable Operators of large residential complex, high rise offices and residential apartments, shopping malls in Indonesia. IPTeK is also offering turnkey Internet packages specifically designed for small cable system operators of small residential apartments and office buildings.

Corporate Vision and Mission

A visionary act of the company committed is to become the leading IP Solution Provider and Consultant for Converged Wireless Networks. IPTeK will undertake the entire efforts of consumer need analysis, business model planning, technology selection and implementation, and service roll out. We are able to provide full system implementation and support teams to enable faster deployment nationally. With ongoing vast project experience in the respective field, it is our main objective to provide our customers with proven ideas as well as working knowledge bringing successful project implementation with high quality service. It is IPTeK's mission to help clients which may be other Internet Service Providers / Voice over IP & TV Cable operators, Multinational as well as Multi-Branches Companies to develop and deploy new IP-based infrastructure services that they need quickly. The new services will allow Data Delivery, Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony, On-line Interactive Gaming and Video Conferencing / Video on Demand over IP to run on both wireless and wired networks, from copper to fiber optics and mixed media environment.

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